Jim Morrison - The Lost Paris Tapes !! (rareza)

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Jim Morrison - The Lost Paris Tapes !! (rareza)

Mensaje por Admin el Miér Oct 22, 2008 6:07 am

Track List:
01.-Radio dark night (take 1)
02.-Radio dark night (take 2)
03.-A vast radiant beach awake
04.-Moonshine night
05.-Frozen moment by a lake
06.-Bird of prey (song)
07.-Dawn's highway
08.-Underwaterfall (song)
09.-The hitchhiker
11.-Whisky, mystics and men
12.-Orange county suite
13.-All hail the american night
14.-Tar arden poem
15.-Texas radio and the big beat (letter from shirley)
16.-The american night
17.-The holy shalt
19.-Laguna chrome
20.-To come of age - Black polished chrome
21.-Search on, man
22.-Indian indian sirens and horns honking
23.-Woman to the window
24.-A vision of america from the book of days - A vision O
25.-Earth, air, fire, water
26.-Discovery, angels and sailors
27.-Now listen to this, Texas radio and the big beat 2
28.-Stoned Inmaculate
29.-White blind light (than) You O'Lord

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Re: Jim Morrison - The Lost Paris Tapes !! (rareza)

Mensaje por Sick Jack el Jue Oct 23, 2008 5:24 am

Es todo vientos carnal por la poesia del buen legendario Mr. Lagarto chido por el aporte y pues k mas k a escuchar sus poesias antes de su muerte de luxe.
Sick Jack

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